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Xenofera is a strategic card game where players must recruit a crew, build cages and then use their crew and cages to capture alien creatures (Xenofera).  The player with the most valuable collection of xenofera at the end of the game wins. But keeping the creatures you've caught is not easy.  Other players can sabotage your expedition by stealing your cages and creatures or enticing away your crew members.  You may need to battle them to keep what you've worked so hard to obtain.

Xenofera can support from 2 to 5 players with an average play time of 30 to 75 mins, roughly 15 mins per player.

The Story

Once a decade the Royal Society of Xenofera Huntsmen sponsors The Great Galactic Hunt. Members compete to gather the most magnificent collections of xenofera, alien creatures, from across the galaxy. Creatures are given points based on their appeal with bonus points being awarded for specific collections of creatures. The member with the most appealing collection at the end of the hunt is the winner. Members, being nobles, rarely participate in the hunts themselves. Instead they hire the most experienced huntsmen from throughout the galaxy to lead their expeditions.



You have been hired by one of the members to lead their expedition in this decade’s hunt. They have supplied you with a ship, but you must recruit your crew, build the necessary cages, and then capture the creatures.  While you’ll want to capture the most appealing creatures you can, your employer has requested you also obtain a specific collection of creatures they feel will give them the edge during the final tally.


You will be competing against some of the greatest huntsmen in the galaxy for both crew and creatures. And no huntsman is above stealing from or sabotaging another’s expedition.  So you will need to be vigilant and cunning if you are to capture the best collection and prove that you are the greatest huntsman in the galaxy.

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