Xenofera can support from 2 to 5 players, with an average game play time of 15 mins per player.  

Set Up

Huntsman Deck

Each player is dealt 2 Huntsman.  They select one huntsman to represent themselves and discard the other.

Creature Deck

The deck is shuffled and 5 creatures are revealed, creating the initial "line of sight".  Player's can only capture creatures in the "line of sight".

Collection Deck

Each player is dealt 2 Collection cards.  They keep one, this becomes their hidden mission, and discard the other.

Utilty/Utilty Starter Decks

     Deal each player the following:

  • Sort the Utilty Starter deck into two piles: Crew Members and Cages. 
  • Deal each player 1 Utilty Starter Crew Member. They place the Crew Member in their Crew Quarters. All remaining Utilty Starter Crew Members are set back in the box.
  • Shuffle the 6 Utilty Starter Cages and deal each player 1 cage. They place the cage in their Cargo Bay. All remaining Utilty Starter Cages are set back in the box.
  • Deal each player 7 cards from the Utilty deck.

Battle Cards/Player Turn Cards

Each player chooses one set of Battle cards and it's corresponding Player Turn card.


Each player's area is divided into 2 areas: the Crew Quarters and the Cargo Bay.  The player's Crew Quarters can hold the player's Huntsman, any number of Collection cards, and up to 5 Crew Members. Their Cargo Bay can hold up to 10 cages and 1 Alarm.