The player to last catch a creature goes first.  Play then proceeds clockwise around the table.

Player's Turn

Each player's turn consists of 4 phases: an Action phase, a Build phase, a Capture phase and a Draw phase.


     During the Draw phase, a player does one of the following:

     -Either discard any number of cards, including zero, and draw back to a hand size of 6.

     -Or draw 2 Collection cards, keep 1, and shuffle the other backinto the Collection deck.


      At the end of the players turn, any Huntsman or Crew Members used this turn are renewed and available to use next turn.




A.  Action Phase

     The player may play up to 2 Action cards.

B. Build Phase

     The player can build as many cages or items as they have build points available.

  • Each Crew Member and Huntsman can only be used to build a single cage or item in a single turn.
  • Build pointsare not pooled.

 C. Capture Phase

     The player can capture as many creatures as they have capture points available and cages to house them.

  • If a Crew Member or Hunstman was used to build they cannot be used to capture in the same turn.
  • Each Crew Member and Huntsman can only be used to capture a single creature in a single turn.
  • Capture points are not pooled.


Battles are triggered when a player plays a Reaction card or when another player attacks a Cargo Bay with an Alarm.

When a Battle is Triggered

  • Each player in the battle selects 2 cards from their available Battle cards and places them facedown on the table.
  • The cards are revealed and the player with the highest total wins. Ties go to the attacker.

The cards used in the battle are then put in the player’s spent weapons pile and are unavailable for the next battles, with the exception of the Decoy which is returned to the pile of available Battle cards. When the only remaining available Battle card a player has is the Decoy, all other Battle cards are returned to their pile of available Battle cards.

End Game

The last round is triggered when either the last cards from the Draw deck is drawn or when one player has the minimum number of occupied cages in their Cargo Bay (based on number of players) and calls "Last Round". When the last round is triggered all players, except the player who triggered the last round, get one more turn.


Players add up the total points of all creatures in their Cargo Bay. They then add any bonus points from completed Collections or subtract and failure penalties for any incomplete Collections.

Player with the most points wins.